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This LED Turn Signal Kit can be installed on most UTVs, ROVs and MUVs that have a steering column.


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TSK# 105 Options
Sub Rear Lights: We will exchange the 2 Red (4"x 2") LED lights for your choice of the SM 3/4" LED Lights.
These steel black powder coated, easy to install FFB's, are for the Polaris Ranger Full-Size models with the front flare openings. They come as a set (left & right) with the screws and instructions for installing.
These steel black powder coated, easy to install T-Brackets, come with the screws for mounting. They can help with mounting the 4" x 2" LED lights if you do not have space on the frame, a rear or front bumper.
Our wire & connectors kit will make it easy to connect up your turn signals. Kit includes: 20' of 18/4 cable, 60' of 18 gauge wire, all your connectors & wire ties.
One dash indicator will blink with any activation of the TSS. Two dash indicators will blink Left or blink Right or blink Both for emergency flashers.
This Loud FIAMM 12 Volt Horn Kit is perfect for making your recreational vehicle street legal or letting those around you know you’re there. Most states require the horn to be 120db or more, ours is 130db, very loud, legal & DOT approved in all states.
This LED Lighted License Plate Bracket is perfect for making your recreational vehicle street legal in those states requiring a license 7" x 4" plate
This information will allow us to verify the TSS mounting hardware before we ship your order. We want your order to be 100% correct and complete.
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LED Turn Signal Kit

This is a 12 volt LED Turn Signal Kit with 2 Amber (front) and 2 Red (rear) or your choice of all Amber D.O.T. approved LED lights.  Our LED turn signal kit comes with two 4″x 2″ inch rectangular amber (front) LED lights.  In addition, two 4″x 2″ inch rectangular red (rear) LED lights.  However, you can substitute the rear lights for the ¾” SM LED lights to give your UTV a custom look.


LED Turn Signal Kit Specifications

This LED turn signal kit comes with a turn signal switch.  First of all, it has a pilot light for the turn signals and 4-way emergency flashers (hazard warning).  Secondly, the turn signal switch has a pull out flare tab for the 4-way hazard lights.  Furthermore, it comes with the hardware to mount it to your steering column.

The four LED Lights are 4”x 2” rectangular with 16 (LED) Light Emitting Diodes each.  Secondly, they have a polycarbonate lens & housing.  Finally, they are hard wired with encapsulated electronics to eliminate corrosion.  Likewise, you can substitute the 4″x 2″ (rear) LED lights for the ¾” SM LED lights to add a custom look.

This special LED Flasher has the 3 pin connections for LOAD, PILOT and POWER.  Also, the electronic LED flasher is quite, no annoying clicking sounds.

Our LED turn signal kit includes:  2 Amber and 2 Red or all Amber D.O.T. approved LED lights.  Secondly, the turn Signal Switch with hardware to mount it to your steering column (see TSS mounting hardware notes above).  Also, the LED Flasher, ATC in-line fuse holder, 3 amp fuse, self tapping screws for mounting the lights and flasher.  In addition, the mounting installation instructions with wiring instructions & diagram.  Most importantly, with our LED Turn Signal Kit you get all the help and support you need from EZ Turn Signal Kits.


LED Turn Signal Kit Important Note

Note FYI:  I have heard people say that a column mounted Turn Signal Switch (TSS) is in the way of you entering and exiting the unit, not true!  Secondly, they say you will bump the TSS lever with your legs and even break that lever, again not true!  In other words, I am 6’3″ and 250 pounds, I have never bumped the TSS and I use my units multiple times a day.  Finally, I have sold thousands of the column mounted TSS and never had a customer complain about bumping or breaking one.


LED Turn Signal Kit Installation

This kit can be easily installed, it does not go into any factory wiring and above all it will not void your manufactures warranty!  In addition, each wire has a different color and the wiring diagram shows where each colored wire goes.  Above all, I include my phone number and e-mail address with the instructions.  Therefore, if you have any questions about your installation you can contact me.

This turn signal switch has been installed on thousands of units, very nice and easy to operate.  The Motor Vehicle Department and your local police departments will be impressed.  Most noteworthy, everyone who rides on the street or off road (dunes/congested areas), should have turn signals for their added safety.

The LED Turn Signal Kit will fit most of the UTV side-by-side full-size models (check the TSS mounting hardware notes above).

In addition you may like amber lights front and rear, order from the drop down box Light Options:  Amber Kit: All 4 Amber lights.

Likewise you can substitute the 4″x 2″ (rear) LED lights for the ¾” SM LED lights to add a custom look.  Order from the drop down box Light Options:  2 Amber ¾” LED Lights  or  2 Red ¾” LED Lights  or  4 Amber ¾” LED Lights  or  4 Red ¾” LED Lights.


LED Turn Signal Kit Options

We have some Custom Kit Brackets, UTV Wire & Connector Kit and LED Dash Indicators.  Therefore, you may want to use these with your LED Turn Signal Kit.  That is to say, any of these options purchased with your LED turn signal kit, will save you time & money!

* Your choice of lights to make your UTV have a custom look.

* Turn Signal Switch (TSS) mounting hardware for your particular year, make and model.

* The 09-18 Ranger 800-900-1000 XP/HD/HO/Crew/6×6/Diesel/570 Full-size Front Flare Brackets (FFB).  Above all these will give your Ranger full-size models an OEM look.

Note1: These FFB’s DO NOT work on the Ranger Mid-size EV/ETX/400/500/570/800 models.

Note2: The 2018-19 Ranger 1000 XP does not have front flare openings in their new front design.

Note3: Also, the 2019 Ranger Crew XP 1000 does not have front flare openings in their new front design.

* If you don’t have a rear bumper, you might want to use our Rear T-Brackets (4″ x 2″ lights only).

* UTV Wire and Connector Kit, to clarify this kit will make it easy to connect your turn signals.

* Dash Indicators for those that want one or two dash indicators.

You can order whatever options you want with your LED Turn Signal Kit by using the drop down (∇) menus.


Looking for a SM LED Turn Signal Kit checkout our SM LED TSK #104.

Have you seen the new Polaris models?

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2 reviews for LED Turn Signal Kit (#105)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert Worrell

    I installed your TSK #105 on my 1929 Ford Model A. it was easy to install as I followed your instructions, no problems and it works great! It really looks nice on the car, thank you for developing high quality kits. Also, thank you for all your help, Robert W.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cisco Folk

    I installed this LED Turn Signal Kit (#105) on my Polaris Ranger 900 XP. It was easy to install, the instructions were simple to follow and their was more than needed to complete the job. I got the optional 4 Red SM 3/4″ Lights, the custom TSS hardware, the Front Flare Brackets (FFB’s), the UTV wire connector kit and the two dash indicators. Everything went together very nicely and they all work great! Thank you for a quality made kit and all your support.

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