EZTSK Company Summary for 2020

EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories


I am retiring, so my business is for sale.  Working this business from home is easy and very profitable!  This business is Recession and Corona Virus Proof (Covid-19).  Here is an EZTSK Company Summary for 2020 from January thru December of 2020.  If you are interested in purchasing my business, please feel free to download the EZTSK Non Disclosure Agreement, print it out, fill it in and sending it to me.


EZTSK Company Summary 2020



Sales from January thru December 2020:

Website Sales: $ 285,000+

eBay Sales: $ 45,000+


Labor Cost:

Kit assemblies (I build all kits): $ 0



Kit Parts (about 16 vendors)

Shipping (USPS & UPS)

Liability Insurance

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Office Supplies (paper, ink, etc.)


Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Payment Processing Gateway

Merchant Account (credit card fees)

eBay Listings & % of Sales Fees


Customer Breakdown:

General Public: 60%

20 Dealers: 25%

eBay Customers: 15%


EZTSK Company Summary 2020


Average Working Hours:

Work consist of Ordering & Receiving Parts, Building Kits, Processing Orders, Shipping, Answering the Phone, Accounting, Website & eBay Work, I do it all.  One person can work this entire business, as it only takes about 32-35 man hours a week.


Product Development & Manufacturing:

Everything is manufactured by me (Cisco) or I have used sub-contractors (family / friends) in the past.  My assembly area is approximately 10′ x 10′ with a counter top on one wall 10′ feet long and some shelving on the other wall.  I have used in the past two 6′ foot folding tables, which gave me 12′ feet of work space.

I have quality control procedures that will not allow production of kits to faultier.  Kits can be assembled anywhere and by anyone.  Kits take anywhere from 2 to 6 minutes to build using my quality control production procedures.  I have developed custom jigs to make it simple and easy to build sub-assemblies.

Example of the most time consuming kit:  EZTSK# 310 – Horn Kit

Parts cost is $ 8 + labor (about 6 minutes) cost + $ 2 (that is $20/hour).  Total cost: $ 10 – Sells for: $ 39.95

Any new development of parts for kits have been done by me.  About every 4 to 5 years the UTV manufactures make a slight change that effects the installation of the Turn Signal Switch (TSS) mounting hardware for the Turn Signal Kits.  I then spend 2 to 8 hours modifying my existing TSS hardware or developing something new, to work with that change.  When I receive the finished parts from the metal manufacture, I then implement that new change into the website & eBay listings.  The EZTSK website & eBay are very EZ… to maintain, from any computer that has an Internet connection.


Warehouse Space:

My parts room is 10’ x 10’ w/shelving on 2 walls that I use for inventorying parts.  I have a room 10’ x 10’ w/shelving on 2 walls that I use for inventorying finished kits.  A little overkill, as I use to have about $ 150,000 in inventory, you would be fine with $ 50,000 in inventory and that would take much less space.  You can do all of this and have room for manufacturing using a 16 x 20 garage.



I was a sponsor on the Polaris Ranger Club Form, yearly cost $ 575 (I canceled that 4 years ago), and now I spend no money on marketing.  I give away kits during the year to companies that are promoting the UTV industry and have gained customers from those experiences.  My best advertising is the website and eBay.  If you want to increase sales & profit, you can put the products on Amazon (30%+ increase), and/or allow shipping to Canada (10%+ increase), and/or put EZTSK on social media (30%+ increase), and/or advertise in UTV forms (10%+ increase).  Remember, any of these you choose to activate will increase your sales, profits and man hours per week.


Vendors / Parts Suppliers:

I use about 16 different vendors (parts suppliers) to purchase all parts needed to manufacture all kits.  I have a very good business relationship with all of them and no contract commitments for purchasing.  Some of them have even developed parts especially for my needs.  Some have modified their parts to make my kit assemblies easier.  They all seem to be committed and deliver a good quality product in a timely manner.  I have spook to all of them and they will welcome any new owner with open arms.


EZTSK Company Summary 2020


Selling of the business:

I am selling the entire business, EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories with complete e-commerce website and 19 domain names all connected to it.  Includes all active kits to date and the discontinued ones too.  If desired, you can bring back the discontinued products, which will increase your sales & profit.

Active kits:   #104 – SM LED TSK   –   #105 – LED TSK   –   #107-SM – SM LED Running Lights TSK   –   #604 – TS LED ATV/UTV TSK   –   #310 – Horn Kit   –   #312 – LED License Plate Bracket   –   #320 – LED Cargo Light Kit   –   #325 – LED Dome Light Kit   –   #340 – LED Off-Road Light Kit   –   #350 – LED Back-Up Light Kit

Discontinued kits:   #103 (discontinued) – Regular Bulb TSK   –   #107 (discontinued) LED Parking Lights TSK   –   #405 to 420 (discontinued) Spare Tire Carriers

I am selling the business for $ 435,000 & that includes the remaining inventory + equipment (estimated at $ 35,000+).  I would be willing to take $ 335,000 down and carry the balance of $ 100,000 @ 6% interest for 2 or 3 years, if that helps.

Please do not waist your time or mine, if you do not have at least $ 335,000 to purchase this business, move on to something else in your budget.  If you would like to own a business and have the money to invest, this would be a great choice for you!  Working this business from home is easy and very profitable!  Again, this business is Recession and Covid-19 Corona Virus Proof.

If you are interested in purchasing my business, please feel free to download the EZTSK Non Disclosure Agreement, print it out, fill it in and sending it to me.


Have a great day,

Cisco Folk / President

EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories

Phone: (623) 435-1337

E-mail: Cisco@LEDTSK.com