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Hello, my name is Cisco Folk and I am the President of EZ Turn Signal Kits & Accessories here in Glendale, AZ. My passion is the outdoors, so I purchased a 2006 Polaris Ranger XP to help me get around. After using the old hang your arm out the side to signal oncoming traffic and almost being run over twice, I realized people do not know what hand signals are and I had enough. I wanted to install LED turn signals for my added safety. When I tried to purchase a four light LED turn signal kit, I was unable to find anyone who had developed an aftermarket LED Turn Signal Kit. As we all know the UTV's have small batteries, small charging systems and are generally driven in rough terrain. The main reasons why I wanted all LED turn signal lights are: Less current draw, resulting in increased battery & alternator life while allowing more power for other vehicle requirements. Faster illumination offers significant safety benefits for following drivers to react quicker, resulting in an average of a three foot reaction time advantage for every 10 miles per hour. LEDs have no filament, therefore are not susceptible to shock & vibration, a major cause of failure for lamps with incandescent bulbs. So, I created my own aftermarket LED Turn Signal Kit. I wanted DOT approved, good looking, clean and crisp LED lights, and ones that were very visible, even during the day. The LED Lights in my turn signal kits are not only bright, but they are hard wired with encapsulated electronics to eliminate corrosion. They have both the positive (+) and negative (-) wires to make a great connection, no screw through a metal surface to the frame for ground. You can hard wire the lights to both positive and negative, so you always have a good connection. I have seen several turn signal switches out there that come with a hose clamp, not this company. You will always get good looking, high quality aftermarket turn signals from EZ Turn Signal Kits!